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Shooting for over 10 years, I can say that I feel uncomfortable without my camera in my hand. I pretty much live and breathe it. Holidays are photography holidays, chilling is editing and thinking is about  the job.  And obviously i'm the man who's snapping the antics of a night out.


Shooting across the world from office buildings to 70ft deep sketchy sapphire mines - I am confident shooting anything and everything.


Weddings  are a perfect combination of my documentary background (check portfolio) and working as a portrait photographer on a 5* cruise ship. I have a fly on the wall approach from my documentary routes...whilst cruise ships drilled formal posing for families and couples - quickly!


UNIQUE WORK - I want to create the most exciting and creative work. 

You get photos to cherish for life...and I get my photo buzz.


YOUNG AND FUN - I'm energetic, enthusiastic and get involved.


Because I have no hidden costs or any of those nightmare stories you hear of.


You will receive all of your images within a week! - I photo-marathon it!


I've done my research - My wedding packages are very competitive with everything that I offer at the standard of work.


Full of ideas and creativeness. My brightness can be projected through a torch during a galactic wedding portrait shoot also.


10 Years shooting documentary, telling stories and showing processes.

My english isn't great but i'm fluent in wedding and editing.


ALL images are treated as an individual professional edit. I care and want to achieve the best images possible.


Planning, discussing, talking and drinking coffee is the only way to get top quality work...i'm not the kind of guy to wing it on the day.

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