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Tuna Netters

Puse Seine Samoa is a tuna fishing company in Pago Pago - Samoa. They are resposible for supplying over 50% of the tuna fish that is eaten in the United States. Here is a worker sorting out the nets for their next trip which will last around 2 weeks, catching 300 tonnes of tuna in a half a million dollar net. 

Canned tuna represents about 67% of all the canned seafood consumed in the U.S., but the amount of canned tuna consumed has fallen from a high of 3.9 pounds per person in 1989 to 2.3 pounds in 2014.

Canned seafood products represent about 12% of all imported seafood, and canned tuna was over half of all canned imports.

  • Canned tuna is the second most popular seafood product in the U.S. after shrimp.

  • In the U.S., Americans eat about 1 billion pounds of canned and pouched tuna a year. Only coffee and sugar exceed canned tuna in sales per foot of shelf space in the grocery store.

  • In 2007, Americans ate 2.7 pounds of canned tuna per capita.

  • Surveys find that 88 percent of all American households have enjoyed canned tuna. In fact, almost half of all households serve canned tuna monthly and 17 percent serve canned tuna at least once a week.

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