In various parts of Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, the tuk-tuk also goes by the name rickshaw, trishaw or mototaxi, to name a few. Basically they are autorickshaws that look a bit different! They’re generally used for shorter distances in towns and cities, as their top speed is about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour.

The tuk-tuk usually runs on a scooter-style two-stroke engine, and makes a puttering noise from which it gets its name. Thailand is also working on lowering emissions from the exhaust-spewing tuk-tuks, with Bangkok’s fleet now running on quiet four-stroke engines and compressed natural gas.

Tuk-tuks seem to be one of Bangkok's most popular forms of transportation, giving off an authentic and exotic feel to the cities streets. 

I was inspired to shoot the project by the thrill of being in one of these vehicles - they were so fast and dangerous! Never really seeing the race-driver behind the wheel I thought it would interesting to document them and their unique Tuk-Tuks. 

Tuk Tuk Drivers of Bangkok