Tea garden workers in Sri Lanka are campaigning against low minimum wages and an end to their slave-like living conditions. They earn  £2.50 - £5 a day for 8 hours of solid work in the burning sun to meet their target – 20kg of tea leaves. If they do not reach this target they only receive half.


There are other various factors which can go in to the target. If the leaves have too much stem - they fail the quality test. If the leaves are too young or old - they fail the test. If the target is not reached whilst the tea leaf farm operator is on site - they fail to the test. ​ I ventured to Norwood where I stayed with a local man called Babu.


His family welcomed me in to their home, and this is where I was shown around the tea plantations that are out of the tourists eyes. I was introduced and welcomed in to many homes in the village, where I witnessed the living conditions and the day to day life of a tea picker. ​ I really wanted to highlight the intense conditions they live and work in. Hopefully bringing more awareness to this sad situation.

Tea Pickers of Sri Lanka