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Guernsey Dairy


The Guernsey Dairy is required under legislation to purchase all milk produced on the island, which each year equates to around 8 million litres of raw milk from 18 locally registered dairy farms.  On average 22,500 litres of milk is collected, tested, pasteurised and packed everyday and is distributed across the island into retail outlets, catering establishments and onto doorsteps.

Liquid milk sales accounts for 83% of the Dairy’s annual turnover with the most popular type of milk on the island being low-fat (73% of sales) followed by skimmed (16%) and full cream (11%).

The Guernsey Dairy works in partnership with a single organic dairy farm on the island with both businesses having to receive accreditation from the Soil Association each year to maintain their organic status.

Full cream, low fat and skimmed milk is available in one litre and half litre retail cartons. Organic milk which is only available in half litre low fat cartons. Catering bags of milk (Pergals) are produced in both full cream and low fat varieties and require a special machine to dispense the contents.

The Guernsey Dairy (part of the States of Guernsey Commerce and Employment Department) linked up with the Public Services Department and HSBC Securities Services (Guernsey) in 2009 to bring a milk carton recycling initiative to the island by way of Bring Banks strategically located across the island.  This is a good example of how a pro-active, forward-thinking private business, working in conjunction with the public sector, can benefit the island as a whole. 

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