Carrot/Parsnip/Potato Factory and Farm

They produce over 50,000 tonnes of carrots every year from the UK. The main areas of production are in Norfolk, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scotland. This geographical spread and integration with joint venture growers enables the farm to produce all year supply for the packhouse. The early season carrots start in Mid June and our late season carrots start in Scotland in Early May enabling our business to supply year round UK carrots.
The main packhouse is capable of washing 300 tonnes per day and encompasses many areas of innovation. Within the line there are four camera graders, which sort the carrots automatically. Once sorted carrots are hydro-cooled before auto packing.
Potatoes are grown for many different outlets, however our biggest tonnage is for processing. Dry matter values are extremely important for processing contracts and the Yorkshire sandy loams produce excellent quality. The majority of the early crop 2000 tonnes is sold via wholesale markets and local processors.Over 9000 tonnes of parsnips are grown every year to supply the increasing demand of the crop. The majority of this crop is destined for the Christmas period. Parsnips enjoy a long growing period and we ensure that they are sown before the end of April so they establish quickly and have a maximum growing period throughout the summer.